An all natural system that works.

The Fibro Wellness program is a holistic, all natural system of care developed to identify the causes of the symptoms commonly associated with the fibromyalgia syndrome. Once those causes are identified, a course of natural therapies are administered to address those causes. As a result, many of the symptoms commonly associated with fibromyalgia syndrome are entirely or dramatically reduced.

Not only does the program include therapies that are commonly understood as helpful for fibromyalgia sufferers, like massage, nutrition, chiropractic and exercise, but draws upon the latest advancements from within the natural healing community to detoxify the body, eliminate allergies, restore healthy digestion, eradicate infections, promote restful sleep and foster a healthy mental and emotional state.

The program begins with a thorough history and a comprehensive system of diagnostic testing.Lab tests include examining blood, urine, hair, skin, saliva and stools. Physical examination focuses primarily on the condition of the nerve and musculoskeletal systems.

From these results a complete picture of the hormonal, digestive, nerve, immune, and musculoskeletal systems can be painted. With this information as a guide, a doctor who specializes in working with fibromyalgia sufferers will make care recommendations that fit your specific goals, lifestyle, and budget.