Your questions answered.

Q:† How do I know if I have fibromyalgia?

A:† If the symptoms seem to describe you, if all other illnesses that can produce similar symptoms have been ruled out, you experience pain upon pressure at a majority of the fibromyalgia tender points, you are considered to be suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome.

Q:† What causes fibromyalgia?

A:† Theories abound, but a consensus has yet to be reached.† Many researchers are favoring a multiple causes theory to fibromyalgia that include physical trauma, emotional trauma, reaction to medication, infections and genetics.

Q:† Is fibromyalgia really incurable?

A:† The official answer is yes, however, many advances have been made in natural healing techniques that are resulting in the reduction or elimination of many of the symptoms commonly associated with fibromyalgia.

Q:† What if I have Lupus, M.S., CFS or one of the other “cousins” to fibromyalgia?

A:† Our experience with fibromyalgia patients is that they rarely only have fibro, but suffer from one or many of itís cousins as well.† Thankfully, as stated above, the many advances that have been made in natural healing techniques are usually helpful with the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia cousins as well.

Q:† Do men get fibromyalgia too?

A:† Yes.† One in nine fibromyalgia sufferers are men.† Many of those who have had success with our program have been men.

Q:† Will my insurance cover my care?

A:† Most insurances cover a significant portion of the testing and care needed.† However, policies vary greatly from one another and a verification and review of coverage is necessary to ascertain just how much will be covered.

Q:† How long does recovery take?

A:† Many symptoms resolve within a matter of weeks to months, others are not responsive to natural therapies or may take the better part of a year to see dramatic improvement.

Q:† How much will it cost?

A:† That all depends on plan of care chosen after the tests are completed and reviewed with you by our doctor.† Plans can range from as little as under $1000 to several thousand dollars.

Q:† Will I get worse before I get better?

A:† Not typically.† Our program utilizes the latest advancements in natural healing which have alleviated the majority of treatment reactions or detoxification symptoms.

Q:† What can I do before I get the complete testing done?

A:† 10 Things You Can Do Until You Get the Fibro Wellness Testing Completed (AND nearly all of them are FREE!!)

  1. Drink lots of water!
    Increasing your water intake cleanses your body, enhances digestion and immune function and increases metabolism. †Donít worry about what kind of water, just drink the water that you enjoy the most and that is the most convenient for you! A good rule of thumb for the amount to drink each day is one quart per fifty pounds body weight.
  2. Take core supplements.
    In addition to healthy eating, basic supplementation is essential.† We recommend a daily supplement program that includes:† calcium, trace minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and anti-oxidants.† Hey, before you buy any, check with friends and relatives.† Most people have supplements they are no longer using that they may give you!
  3. Eat at least 9 oz. of red meat each week.
    Red meat is essential to the utilization of all other proteins and is phenomenal at stabilizing blood sugar.† Unstable blood sugar is the cause of carbohydrate cravings.† And donít cheat yourself by buying into all of the negative press red meat has gotten over the past 20 years.† Our bodies need it!


  1. Participate in moderate exercise regularly.
    It can be at whatever level your body can tolerate.† Weíre big fans of Curves for Women fitness centers and the book “8 Minutes in the Morning.”
  2. Get back and neck rubs.
    Nothing is quite as healing as human touch.† It doesnít have to be a professional, a friend or family member will do for now.† Want to relieve some tension, have them massage your ears as well!
  3. Minimize your carbohydrate intake.
    YES, carbs are cheap!† YES, they are easy to prepare!† YES, they taste good!† BUT, they donít offer much in the way of nutrition and they are fattening and addicting!† Snack on hard boiled eggs, string cheese, carrots, raw cashews or celery.† Save the sweets for VERY SPECIAL occasions!† Speaking again of misleading press, stay away from ALL soy products, as well (your thyroid will thank you!).
  4. Minimize your medication usage.
    Letís face it, all drugs are risky.† You canít open a newspaper without reading about the latest drug thatís been pulled off of the shelf due to dangerous side-effects.† It may be until you have made some huge strides in your healing before you can be free of drugs, but until then you can help yourself by using them as sparingly as possible.
  5. Sleep and rest as much as possible.
    Since most of you arenít sleeping well, the second best thing is rest.† Thereís good reason your body is not energetic, a reason weíll uncover when we do the testing, but until then youíre not doing yourself a favor by using stimulants (chocolate or diet Coke anyone?) or sheer will power to keep pushing yourself.
  6. Study natural healing and fibromyalgia.
    Knowledge is power!† Your body is your number one asset.† There are lots of great books out there (and a lot of misleading ones too!).† Hereís a few we recommend:† Reversing Fibromyalgia (Natural Fibromyalgia Healing) - Joe Elrod, The Sugar Control Bible (Nutrition) - Jacqueline Paltis, The Schwarzbein Principle (Nutrition) - Diana Schwarzbein, Your Bodyís Many Cries for Water (Nutrition) - F. Batmanghelidj, 8 Minutes in the Morning (Exercise) - Jorge Cruise, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die (Emotional Healing) - Karol Truman.
  7. Spend more time with people you enjoy.
    We are all social creatures.† Chatting, playing games or simply hanging out with friends and others is good for our soul.† A girls night out to a restaurant or a gathering of guys around a pool table may be just what you need!
  8. Extra Credit!
    Ok, I know we said “Ten,” but we thought you might want an extra tip:† Acidophilus and digestive enzymes!† These things are magic when it comes to improving digestion and therefore overall health!